Smart Cities

If you’re planning to live overseas to study, work or invest, consider Europe and Portugal. We will help you to find your Dao and live by happiness, peace, and prosperity.

We connect the Smart Cities with investors through tourism.

Give visitors, non-residents, tourists our business people from higher classes the chance to meet with the cities stakeholders (companies, CEOs, city administration and mayors and other public service representatives from the cities and regions) in Portugal or in other European countries, identifying opportunities and not so obvious options to invest, taking advantage of the current special programs for foreigners like the Golden Visa program.

We create exclusive Tourist packs with unique experiences, even secret or totally unknown from the public. To offer you a genuine and authentic experience and at the same time organize exclusive networking events and meetings with the cities administration, visiting equipment, infrastructure, schools, universities, hospitals, elderly residences and of course companies and other local entities.

It’s a totally innovative model to attract investment to the Smart Cities.

We identify for you the business opportunities and cities can include their own partners and assets and for example create a totally innovative way to, through PPP (Public-Private-Partnerships) solve some of the problems they might have or fund some of the infrastructures they need to keep improving their citizens quality of life and keep attracting more talent and residents.

If you’re looking for the right investment in Europe consider having a smart city as a partner. Totally transparent, regulated and serious system where the options are clear and you have the chance to choose to invest in Startups, companies, or directly in real estate (public and private), industry, farming, energy, etc.